Data Mining Week

  • Participating institution: Berufsakademie Thruingen, Gera, Dr. Peter Bussemer
  • Participants: 12
  • Date: 20. - 22.2.2006
  • Venue: Department fo Computer Science and Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Lecturers: Miroslav Šnorek, Pavel Kordík, Jan Koutník
  • Contents: BackPropagation, MultiLayer Perceptron, Feature Ranking, Visualization, Scatterplot Matrix, Group Method o Data Handling, SelfOrganizing Map, Group of Adaptive Models Evolution, Histogram, Decision Tree, WEKA, JavaNNS, GAME Simulator

Final Programme

The main objective of this three day course is to introduce artificial neural networks in data mining. The course splits into lecture parts, where an artificial neural networks theory is given and a practical part, in which the students are advised how to use specific tools for datamining with neural networks.

Photo in school