Magda Friedjungová

My photographMagda Friedjungová is a PhD student at FIT, CTU in Prague. Magda's focus is on transfer learning methods and data preprocessing for predictive modeling. She is also interested in educational data mining, mainly in students' performance predictions. Outside of the academic field, Magda works as a data architect and analyst for the university data warehouse and is enthusiastic about business intelligence. In her free time she participates on the development of RepRap 3D printers in the faculty lab.


  • BI-ZNS: Knowledge Systems, winter 2016/2017
  • BIE-VZD: Data Mining, winter 2016/2017


  • Prototype of Data Warehouse CTU
  • Students' Performance Predictions

Theses Supervised

  • Bc. Jakub Krejčí: Návrh datových vrstev pro datový sklad ČVUT 
  • Bc. Ondřej Nový: Doporučovací systém pro výběr volitelných předmětů